January 10, 2006

New layout

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I am working on a new layout for my site and am having trouble getting it to work out right.  Either I dont like the background, cant get the coding right or I just plain cant figure out what I want!

December 17, 2005


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So now that i have 5thousand blogs i feel like i am constantly repeating myself. i made this blgo so that i have a very private place to talk about my life-the real deal…not the fancy dancy story we all tell the world!!! and now that i have it i have nothing at all to talk about! hehe! well no one is home right now but me so i am playing music, eating chocolate cake and getting ready to go to bed! what exciting news eh? ok i will post later when i have something of substance to report!

December 15, 2005

New Blog for your mom

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I decided to start a new blog that I can be completely open, honest and unplugged in.  I have a blog now at my site, myspace, xanga, 2 Ljs and none of them have stayed private and secret so this is my big chance to have a completely secure online journal to talk about all the shit that I need to talk about!  from hubby, kids and work, to school, stalkers and drama!  If you dont like what I have to say I could give a shit less, no one is supposed to be reading this anyways!  luvs erica

Your mom!

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I hate first posts!